Tuesday, July 17

Read A Book vs. your mommy


de Selby said...

Am I crazy or did the number of views on YouTube for this video double in the past few days? I could have sworn it was a hundred something thousand and now it's over three hundred thousand. Of course, it could be me. My memory tends to do funny things with numbers. So, on that note, I want to note the numbers, right here, right now:

Views: 339,003
Comments: 1166
Favorited: 3878 times

[prescience, June 30, 2007]

And then I'll check back in a few days and see what has happened. I am wondering how far this is going to spread. At first I thought it was just some sort of amazing crazy song Margaret discovered (she does, after all, have a gift for such things) but then, this afternoon actually, someone totally unrelated to Margaret mentioned it. I first learned of "Read A Book" week ago.

There are two [High Quality] versions that have been posted by prescience and quentincoyote. Both were posted on June 30, 2007. There are two low quality versions posted by Sfuse (on February 26, 2007) and DawiydMoor (October 31, 2006).

Views: 140,257
Comments: 294
Favorited: 1565 times

[quentincoyote, June 30, 2007]

Views: 49,531
Comments: 151
Favorited: 477 times

[Sfuse, February 26, 2007]

Views: 40,827
Comments: 61
Favorited: 263 times

[DawiydMoor, October 31, 2006]

de Selby said...

I just had to repost the video because the original version was pulled from YouTube.

Views: 84,313
Comments: 325
Favorited: 1370 times
Honors: 2Links: 5Responses: 2

I was bummed to see this because I discovered it when I was going back to check the stats. I never got to see where they went.