Friday, September 29

The (Long) Shortlist: Month One

Below is a simple list of the best shows I have seen in Chelsea this month. The list also includes a few Williamsburg galleries but no museum shows (Pollock, Hesse, etc.). There are a number of “Elsewhere” shows still on my list, like the Dennis Oppenheim show at the Arsenal Gallery in Central Park and his public art downtown in Thomas Paine Park. I’ve made it a point this season to go to Chelsea every two weeks, but I have yet to see everything; Saturday is really the only day I have free to see art, and galleries are closed Sundays. In years past, I was lucky to get out there once every two months.

A stack of press releases and invitation cards litter my bedroom floor. Here’s the list: no links, no descriptions.

Gabriel Vormstein, The (oII (OO) oI) -:, Casey Kaplan
Máximo González, Espera, Art & Idea
Nicola López, OverGrowth, Caren Golden Fine Art
Rivane Neuenschwander, Other Stories and Stories of Others, Tanka Bonakdar
Group show, Satellites, Tanka Bonakdar
Mark Wagner and C. K. Wilde, Alternating Currency, Pavel Zoubok
Elizabeth Huey, The Kirkbride Plan, Feigen Contemporary
Brooke Chroman, Elizabeth Huey, and Bryan Mesenbourg, Brain Salt, Feigen Contemporary
Daniel Lefcourt, Taxter and Spengemen
Alison Elizabeth Taylor, Idyll, James Cohan
Kay Rosen, Wall Paintings and Drawings 2002–2006, Yvon Lambert
Group show, Invisible Geographies: New Sound Art from Germany, the Kitchen
Jennifer Dalton, Would You Rather Be a Loser or a Pig, Winkleman/Plus Ultra
Matt Marello and Matt Freedman, 1968 | 2001 and Twin Twin II, Pierogi
J. Shimon and J. Lindemann, It Takes One to Know One, Sarah Bowen
Shane McAdams, Unmoved Mover, Denise Bibro Fine Art
Céleste Boursier-Mougenot, Harmonichaos, Paula Cooper
Tomoo Gokita, Drunko, ATM Gallery
Peter Caine, New Works, Jack the Pelican Presents

Of course there are a few others that I probably forgot. I haven’t seen enough by Seth Price, haven't checked out the Joseph Kosuth exhibition, and of Sean Paul I am on the fence.

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