Wednesday, December 6

Non-Miami Fun

The Hanger-On will be in Miami for a long weekend, but if I were in New York I would attend both of these exciting exhibition related talks. I have not yet seen the shows under consideration but will in the next couple weeks.

Storefront for Art and Architecture
Saturday, December 9, 6:30 PM
In conjunction with the exhibition Clip/Stamp/Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196x to 197x, the Storefront for Art and Architecture is pleased to present the second event in the series Little Magazines/Small Talks. Speakers include Yve-Alain Bois, founder and coeditor of Macula (1976–79) and coeditor of October (1991–present); Hal Foster, coeditor of October (1991–present); and Rosalind Krauss, founder and coeditor of October (1976–present).

One of the influential legacies of several magazines that appeared during the 1970s was the introduction of new theoretical models (drawn from structuralist semiotics, psychoanalysis, and film theory, among other fields) for reconsidering art and architectural practice as well as its histories. The magazines October and Macula played a key role in giving shape to this discourse and this evening will consider the beginnings of these magazines in relation to parallel developments in architectural theory and publication. Several of the editors will respond to the exhibition Clip/Stamp/Fold at the Storefront, reflecting on their experiences and the role of publications during this pivotal moment.

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center
Sunday, December 10, 3:00 PM
The curator Bob Nickas will give a gallery talk on the current P.S.1 exhibitions Music is a Better Noise, The Gold Standard, and Sam Samore: The Suicidist.

Museum of Modern Art
Celeste Bartos Theater
Monday, December 11, 6:00 PM
Experimental Magazines and the International Avant-Gardes, 1945–1975 considers various aspects of the avant-garde magazine such as the nature and history of artist-run journals whose founding principles originated in early modernism, developed through the twentieth century, and remain important to many artists and writers today. The panel looks at journals that were conceived as ongoing platforms for new works of art, for graphic experiment, and for simultaneous expression in the arts, literature, philosophy, politics, and other fields. It examines the ways in which magazines represented ideas of particular artistic and intellectual communities, even as they responded to and disseminated ideas internationally. Participants include: Liza Bear, writer, filmmaker, and contributing editor at Bomb Magazine, and former editor and cofounder, with Willoughby Sharp, of Avalanche magazine (1970–76); Benjamin Buchloh, professor of modern art at Harvard University and former editor of Interfunktionen (1968–1975); Edward Sullivan, dean for the humanities and professor of fine arts at New York University; and Willoughby Sharp, independent curator, artist, and former publisher and cofounder of Avalanche. The panel is moderated by David Little, director of adult and academic programs, Museum of Modern Art.

Tickets ($10; members $8; students and seniors $5) can be purchased at the lobby information desk and the Film desk or at


Anonymous said...

You didn't miss much -- I went to a few of these talks and posted a little something about them last week. Did you go to the one at PS1 yesterday?

Christopher Howard said...

I spent the weekend decompressing from Miami Beach and doing a little holiday shopping. It feels good not to see and think about art for a while. I've got a way overdue summary of my baseling coming soon.