Sunday, March 11

Fia Backström and Kelley Walker


de Selby said...

This is my response to Fia Backstrom's piece RECYCLE - Hanging proposal for "Untitled" (2006), Sculpture by Kelley Walker (Ecco Art #2), 2007. The work is in a show at The Kitchen called Just Kick It Till It Breaks that opened on March 8th.

Anonymous said...

brilliant. to underscore the repugnance so effectively lampooned, i thought i'd paste the text of the "kick it till it breaks" press release blurb:

In response to a moment in America marked by tepid civic activism, widespread conservatism, and rampant consumerism, the artists in this exhibition create works in which the “political” is addressed indirectly through allegorical approaches and subtle contextual displacements. Borrowing visual idioms from the realms of advertising, the media, and interior design, these artists locate tangential points of protest that are slyly complicit with the terms of capitalism they often seek to undermine. At the same time, they investigate romanticized notions of outlaw culture and underground movements, questioning whether any position of political resistance remains out of reach of commercial co-optation.

unreal. and i like several of those artists, but this rhetorical and intellectual laziness just sticks in my craw.


Anonymous said...

Fia and Kelley also appeared in a post late last night at Artworld Salon, which provides another photo from the same shoot. The author notices that the two are "Unsullied by evidence of contact with artists’ materials," which perfectly describes the poststudio practice today.