Sunday, June 17

These are bands...

These Are Powers rocked. I thought they sounded more like the Liars or The Ex on MySpace (but I guess with a former member of the Liars that makes sense because I always thought the Liars sounded deeply indebted to The Ex). But live These Are Powers made me think more of Confusion Is Sex era Sonic Youth but heavier. It was all swells of dissonance and chiming overtones. When I mentioned the SY connection to S. after the finished their set she told me to shut up.

SIDS (aka Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) can be very loud. They sound raunchier live, like the sound is coming apart, the way tender morsels of meat fall from a bone, as a rocket rushes forward into the sky. This, in my view, served them well. I also saw them play a few nights before in Don Pedro's basement. It hurt my ear.

In the basement at Silent Barn I thought Pterodactyl sounded a lot like These Are Powers but jazzier. This is all wrong. On MySpace they sound sort of like Akron Family or a sloppier version of the Beta Band. Lately everyone sounds like Akron Family or Beta Band to me. Meringue were so ahead of it. You see, we live in an age of harmonizing, man. Anyway, Pterodactyl seem more at home in their skin than These Are Powers who are preoccupied with the news and those old R. Kern and Nick Zedd films. I will see Pterodactyl (and These Are Powers) again but not if I have to go to Manhattan. What do I care if the PAs are better and they have A/C units?

June 16, 2007
Silent Barn

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