Thursday, July 5

evidence AND/OR free advertising?

When I saw the above Jack Spade mailer the first thing that popped into my mind was Sonic Youth. What specifically came to mind was the cover of A Thousand Leaves. And I guess I could even be persuaded into saying it looks kind of of like a nice version of Thurston Moore's punk rock flyers and what not from the 80s (the Jack Spade more than the SY cover (color xeroxing was expensive back then)). But notice that the Jack Spade piece says that the collage is by Alex, age 8. And the cover of the Sonic Youth disc depicts a girl, perhaps age 8, with bunny ears (actually hamster ears). On the cover of the mailer is a gorilla with bunny ears. But what I wondered was whether this was the idea of the person who was hired to design this artifact and whether it was their idea to riff on the idea of the Sonic Youth cover? And what is interesting about this is the possibility that Jack Spade (or the organization that goes by that name) may have had little to do with the idea -- except saying "okay" and "we like that one" and putting their signature (I mean brand mark) on the thing. There is something medieval about it. Do you belong to the guild? I find this far more interesting than the thought that Alex is the Spade progeny and this was Jack Spade's idea. I don't know why. But I do wonder if they ever get together to do a Sonic BBQ in rural Mass.?

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