Friday, March 21

Are volcanoes still active

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1979 GE Berlin-Schöneberg, Blixa Bargeld (born Christian Emmerich) finds a shop-flat in the Langenscheidtstrasse. The cellar is transformed into a rehearsal space. Blixa's former school mate N.U. Unruh (born Andrew Chudy, a.k.a. N-Dih) returns from Amsterdam (where he had studied for several years to become a piano tuner) and starts 'jamming' with Blixa in his cellar. Alex Hacke (then 14) is also present at these sessions. At this place Blixa Bargeld and N.U. Unruh, together with Susä Hobeck and Bettina Köster, record a tape which is later released on the Eisengrau label. The cellar space is later in the year also used by Mania D. for their rehearsals. Mania D. at the time were Gudrun Gut (born Gudrun Bredemann), Bettina Köster and Beate Bartel.