Friday, May 23

Daniel Joseph Martinez, Monte Cazazza and Les Krims

Daniel Joseph Martinez, 2000

Monte Cazazza, late 70s.

Les Krims, Self-Operation Fiction, 1970

Daniel Joseph Martinez is famous for being in the 1993 Whitney Biennial. Monte Cazazza is famous for being an industrial music pioneer (see RE/Search #6/7: Industrial Culture Handbook (1983)). And Les Krims: "In 1971, a young boy was kidnapped in Memphis, Tennessee. The ransom requested for his return was the removal of Les Krims's photographs then on exhibition in Memphis. Krims' pictures were removed and the boy was released unharmed."


de Selby said...

This was originally posted on March 3, 2008. It was revised and reposted today.

Anonymous said...

Great work.