Sunday, October 5

Naomi Fisher and Country Life

Roxy Music, Country Life, 1974

Naomi Fisher, Untitled (Hole In Ground), 2000

Naomi Fisher, Untitled (White dress — You can't fight Mother Nature...), 1998

Naomi Fisher, Untitled (White Lilies), 2000


Christopher Howard said...

I am reminded of certain works by Ana Mendieta:*ibN50nYRPrM9gud4iB8fxb3dYMHGb7BvlybQKzYLuVPKZjjuSCktwQ13D5YgXhZqoUZrvmTJCEhtv2DjVQWa0YKZxhP8Wf6/AnaMendieta01.jpg

de Selby said...

Yeah, they both have that woman is/as nature (although the Mendieta link with the skeleton is a bit of an odd ball for me (but a very interesting one)). Maybe, rather, it’s woman collided with nature…? Or woman and nature flattened into one another as if they were layers in Photoshop... Well, that last way of saying it sort of gets at what I was thinking but my thought was slightly more particular than that. It's woman (well, one of the two women on Country Life) collided into the background, nature. In other words, Naomi Fisher's photos look like some perverse flattening of Country Life. And there’s that flash-y light too...